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Faster sampling and analysis for interventional neuroradiology.



To accelerate patient access to new therapies by radically simplifying imaging data collection and using advanced data analytics.


Products and Services

We help you with the acquisition and transmission, the management, and the analysis and interpretation of study data.


We are looking for qualified candidates with experience in software development and analytics.


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What do we do?

We accelerate patient access to new therapies by radically simplifying imaging data collection and using advanced data analytics.

We are a service company with headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, offering information technology services for supporting clinical studies in the field of Neuroradiology. Our company has been founded by individuals with more than twenty years practical experience in running clinical trials in Europe and a strong focus on neurointerventions. Our aim is to increase patient safety and to decrease health care costs by minimizing the application of non-beneficial or even harmful therapy within studies. Our research pipeline is focused on developing technologies that speed up clinical trials to accelerate patient’s access to new therapies

Core Lab Services

Eppdata uses latest information technology to achieve faster sampling and analysis of study data. We support clinical studies with customised classification, labelling and prediction tools combined with highly trained neuroradiologists.

Clinical Data Management

With our customized tools we make sure clinical data is easily and securely anonymized, transmitted and stored.

Certified Training

We offer training and certification tools for radiologists to improve homogeneity of clinical trial data.


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Our Services


Browser-based tool for secure imaging data transfer between clinical site and eppdata core lab readers. No requirement for local representatives to handle sensitive patient information which is potentially a GDPR Risk.


Data collection tool developed specifically for Neuro-Interventional device studies. eCRF is customisable, modular and GDPR compliant.


Image evaluation environment customised with integrated real-time communication and reporting. Physicians are trained in both core lab services and the index procedures, which increases reading quality and analysis.


Certified training for radiologists.


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